With 1 Rupee BIG SALE Be Penny Wise & not Pound Foolish!

Rupee 1 Sale Penny Wide Pound Foolish

There is nothing in this world so sought-after than money. One might differ on this fact and say peace, love, happiness, health and a lot many other things can any day replace ‘money’. But take it with a pinch of salt, that even a pinch of salt costs money. To satisfy any needs, money is definitely a road the one has to walk on.

Imagine you want to buy electronics, or buy clothing, or buy jewellery and it is money that one asks for. Love can’t make you buy materials. It is a hard fact. But money can get you more love. And peace. And happiness. However, there is another fact that has become a rage now-a-days, and that is – these best online sales or huge online sales or whatever name that you have come across. They will surely make you believe that it doesn’t cost much to buy what you want. In fact, if you browse for such shopping sales online, you will be surprised with the kind of online sales that are on offer. So there is this Anand India Rupee 1 Sale which is an unbelievable online sale that you will ever come across in a lifetime maybe. Imagine you buying clothes online or buying electronics online or buying jewellery online or buying health & beauty products online at the cost of Rupee 1! Yes you read it right. Re. 1 big sale is one such offer that will seriously make you think that you have gone back in the past.

Indeed, such online sales don’t come often. And bumping upon such unbelievable huge sales online is another aspect that doesn’t happen every day. It is like imagining that a beautiful girl is looking at you. Add a cherry on the top, she comes and even proposes to you! Now it depends on you whether you want to grasp such opportunity with open arms or ponder over the opportunity – ‘why is it happening to me’ and all and lose the opportunity forever. Sometimes the best way to lead a life is grabbing an opportunity that you come across at the very moment. That is grab the Rupee 1 Big Sale. And the best part is, sometimes it doesn’t take much to get more from life. You spend a penny and get pound worth goods!
Pay little. Get More. Save more.
Be penny wise and not pound foolish!



1 Rupee Big Sale 2016


Kyunki the whole things is that ki bhaiya sabse bada rupaiya!

Sang a famous comic actor of the bygone era on screen extolling the role of money in our lives. Nothing can be truer than this. Money, of course is the whole and sole doer in our world, making things happen. Money gets us where we want to go. It creates and maintains our image. It puts us on a pedestal. It moves mountains. Shakes the earth. Brings about rains. Changes lives. Alters destiny. Yes, money. Money does all this.

However, it is the exorbitant amounts of money that we are talking about. Wads of notes. The whole bunch. Thousands, Lakhs and Crores!
When we say or hear the word money, a fat wad of cash comes to our mind, thousands of notes tied together. The crispy, new, fragrant leaves of currency. Not the cold metal. Not the silver disc. Not the jingling currency. Not the paltry coin of Rupee 1. Isn’t it?

Coins do not matter. Chillar they are called. They are kept away somewhere. In a box, in a bowl, somewhere forgotten. Deep inside the pocket of our trousers. In the forgotten area of the purse. Depths of these pockets and closed chains are accessed only when the bus conductor asks for chutta.
Or else, these coins lie almost unwanted, in a corner. But notes, they are folded neatly and kept reverently in a purse or a wallet. Or better still in an envelope.

The reason for this blatant neglect is that the Rupee 1 hardly buys us anything anymore. Infact, even beggars do not accept Re.1 as alms. The chillar is truly that- chillar. Unimportant.

It is extremely surprising that we have forgotten that boond boond se saagar bharta hai, i.e. drop by drop fills the ocean. And truly what are oceans and seas but collective droplets of water?

Why then discredit our humble noisy coin?

And that is why Anand India decides to take our, own humble Rupee 1 to great heights.

In order to do so we conceived the best sale offer – the Rupee 1 Big Sale.  To sum up in one line, the sale is a big sale at cheap rate. It could be further defined as best sale online shopping.
It comprises of Huge Clothing sale, Electronic sale, Jewellery Sale, Health & Beauty Product Sale and more.  Thus, Anand India Rupee 1 Big Sale is the best sale this week, undoubtedly.

The rupee 1 big sales, Anand India is every customer’s delight. Getting best products at the least price is like a dream come true. That is what best online shopping sale entails. And more importantly it is women’s favourite. And why will it not be? When shopping and sales are spoken in the same line, women’s joy knows no bounds. And so we have the ‘best buy online clothing’ and women are going to be very happy in buying apparels online at anandindia.in

Who these days give products at Rupee 1? Even the shopping sales introduced are hardly a sale and sell at exorbitant prices. The biggest brands in the garb of huge sale online rarely offer products at low prices.

However, we thoroughly believe in customer satisfaction and we believe, in taking steps that are in our means in order to benefit our customers. And thus, we introduced the Anand India Rupee 1 Big Sale! Happy Customers…Happy Us! And Happy economy! Anand hi anand.

Power to Rupee 1! Power to Re.1 Big Sale!


The Next Fad After Selfies is Spyfies, thanks to Spy Cameras

Clicked selfies at all the possible corners in all the possible poses in all the possible angles. Check. Posted God knows how many Facebook posts. Check. Uploaded what not stuff on Instragram with what not hashtags. Check. Twitter. Snapchat story. Dubsmash video. Check. Check. Check. Slept 24 hours straight. Stood in front of the mirror for hours being a narcissist. Read this article so far. Check. Check. Check. Want to cling to the next fad. Check.

The next fad is nothing but clicking Spyfies. Yes, let’s move away from Selfies and just do Spyfies! Check out awesome spy cameras available online and grab them at steal prices! And do some unbelievable stuff that only your mind can conceive. Here’s our take.

Unbutton your Bf’s life with a Button camera:
Replace the button of your Bf’s shirt with your spy button camera. Now run your imagination wild.
As a thought starter… while he is not around, call him up and tell him his everyday incidents as if you’re an Astrologer. Or have suddenly acquired some supernatural powers. You know you can do a lot better, right?!

Forget your Pen camera in your boss’s cabin:
“Who’s the boss now?!” Wear a smirk on your face and say this. Leaving a spy camera in a pen at a strategic location in your boss’s cabin is like taking a wonder drug. You are surely going to get enlightened in ways unimaginable. Remember to have fun and not make up mischief. All in good spirit, eh?

Key chain camera is the way to chain your Bff:
‘Friends for life’ is more than a hearsay. Some actually practise it. Like you for example. Leave your keychain with camera in your bff’s car or at his home. Whatever you grab is a million dollar footage. You Bff will curse you for life. But will thank you down the decades for creating such wonderful memories!

Watch your Dad smoke with your wrist watch camera:
You know that your Dad smokes behind your Mom’s back. Leave your spy watch camera in your Dad’s car. Now you have him ‘under’ you. Demand a bike. Ask for an international holiday. The latest X-box? Fulfill all your desires. Make hay while the sun shines. This will make his smoke one costly affair to remember.
You don’t need to be a spy to grab these cool spy cams. Get a few of them and put a check on living an exciting life. Just visit http://www.anandindia.in/




Be SHERLOCKED with Anand India Spy Cams!


How many of you out there are Sherlock Holmes fans? The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes are few of the best detective stories created ever. Maybe not few of the best but the very very best stories ever! The original series written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has been adapted into various films, TV series, comics and even radio shows over a string of decades.

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective character who has been adored by people world over. It has also been the most loved character with maximum adaptations on screen and stage. The first movie had been a 1-minute film made in 1900, followed by another made in 1905, and then in 1911, 1916 and so on. The films were not only made in English but also in other languages such as Danish and Russian.

In the year 2009 and 2011, Sherlock Film had been made by Guy Ritchie starring Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes and Jude Law as Dr. Watson. The film had been a fair success.
However, the most recent Sherlock adaptation that has taken the world by storm is BBC’s Sherlock made by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss! The TV series stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and the Hobbit actor Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson. And what a breathtaking series it is! One can repeatedly watch it again and again and again and not get saturated. Benedict Cumberbatch has been marvellous in it and so are the dialogues. Spectacular screen play by the writers…typical of British humour and sarcasm. The witty, sardonic dialogues are what impart charm to the show and bring out Sherlock’s character so well.

The series actually led me thinking what if I was a detective? Or a spy? Tagging along Sherlock Holmes, running, hiding, interviewing, collecting evidences for Scotland Yard? Yes, why not? Why not give up my drab career and become an aide of Sherlock Holmes?!

So, what if I may not have his analytical mind or the keen eye for observation? I’d instead have Anand India’s range of spy cameras! That too would be fabulous. Guarding me against Jim Moriarty! Maybe I could spy on Holmes himself using a Pen Drive Camera or a Mini DV Recorder and avoid being stumped as John was, on his first meeting with Sherlock in A Study in Pink. Or, place a Socket Camera in the oriental curio shop, The Lucky Cat to get to the bottom of the mystery in The Blind Banker. A Button Camera planted on Carmichaels would have helped me to maybe understand what exactly would follow the arrival of orange pips. Or In the Signs of Three, give the Guardsman a Dynamo Pen Camera to keep a closer watch over his stalker and maybe save his life.  Maybe also turn around the plot of His Last Vow completely on knowing that Charles Augustus Magnussen indeed used Spy Camera Glasses as Sherlock had guessed and he would not have to kill the notorious blackmailer. And the best of all would be to install a CCTV Camera at Baker Street to keep an eye on all the clients of Holmes!

Now now would that not cause blood pumping adrenaline rush? My very presence on the floors of 221 B Baker Street? Sitting by the fireplace, churning the grey cells and putting up with Sherlock’s histrionics. I would even be satisfied by merely taking notes and listening to him rambling. Maybe even feed his large EGO! Do everything possible as long as he lets me be around. With my arsenal that is, with the Anand India Spy Cameras!



How Can A Socket Camera Help To Keep Your Office Safe In Your Absence?


socket cam

Growth is subjective. For many, it is an uphill task, a result of toil and drudgery. And then there are a few, for whom it is the only way of life. You thrive by growth. It’s not a result of your chore but your being. You live by it, you swear by it. It’s in your genes. But with growth comes added responsibilities and infinite sleepless nights. And leading such a life is definitely not a cakewalk.  Many a times you fail to see the details while looking at the big picture. But as they say, God lies in the details. And so does the devil.

Let’s say that you are the CEO of your company. You have striven hard to reach that position. Life has thrown a lot many challenges in front of you.  But you’ve fought them with a brave face. Now all that you need is a good set of employees. Those who share your vision and mission. And here lies the catch. No two people are the same. And there are moles in your company who in the name of working are stealing you business. When you face them, they are the best of the employees. But behind your back, they have started their own business by stealing your customers. If life was so easy, everyone would have been millionaires.

In such a situation installing a CCTV camera is a good idea. But frankly, you can do better. Try a socket camera instead. And none of your employees will even know about it. Catch them red-handed with the footage. With CCTV your employees can get alert. But with a socket spy camera nobody will even be able to guess how their wrongdoing came to light.

You can’t keep your eyes open 24×7. But there are better ways to check whether your suspicion is true. The spy socket plug camera is definitely a novel equipment that makes use of pinhole technology.
Also investing in a few wouldn’t cost you much. Try purchasing them online at our website http://www.anandindia.in/. It’s an easy-weezy process. Order it as per your convenience. And start using.

To cut a long story short, you have burned the midnight oil for a long time now and have given up on a lot of winks. Now is the time to be away on meetings or tours or on a long holiday without having to worry what’s going on behind you. You have the socket camera to take care.


Anand India – India’s Best Online Shopping Destination

We all love to shop online. It’s easy, convenient and we get better price on variety of products. Online shopping is rapidly growing in India. Online shopping is such a joy for many people, especially women, who are more and more getting into the hobby of buying stuff online. In the last few years, there has been a dramatic increase in online shopping in India. A large number of online shopping sites have emerged in a short span. Anand India is an online shopping portal that offers wide range of Hidden Cameras, Apparel, Mobiles, Cameras, Home & Kitchen, Appliances, Jewelry, Fashion, Health & Beauty and other products at reasonable prices. The extreme convenience that buying online provides is the main reason why it is such a popular option today. It really is a fast and easy way to buy things for you or as gifts for your family and friends.

Here are a few reasons why Anand India is a great online shopping destination for all you shoppers out there:


Anand India allows you to shop online for many products like hidden cameras, apparels, jewelries etc. at one place. Whether you want regular day to day product or need hidden cameras to keep an eye on things, all you have to do is search, like and shop on www.anandindia.in.

Better Prices

Anand India provides the best prices on hidden cameras.

Free Lifetime Service Warranty on Spy Cameras:

Anand India is one such company that offers free service warranty for lifetime on hidden cameras. They provide servicing for all spy cameras.


 It becomes so hectic to jump from store to store to find the best products you require Anand India is a destination where you can find products ranging from hidden cameras to home products and other related products at lowest prices at a click of a button. You can easily visit their website, find the product you want and buy it as it offers. It saves your time as well as money.

 It’s time to say ta-ta to the crowd at the mall and traffic jam! Online shopping sites in India have redefined the word Convenience. When feel like shopping with ease without getting out of your pajamas just visit Anand India.


Jewellery Collections Suitable For Every Occasion


Finding online jewellery in India can be a wonderful surprise gift. Many times jewellery is given to celebrate a certain occasion. When it comes to buying online jewellery, many buyers can be a bit confused as to what they should get.

Anand India has wide range of precious jewelries ranging from Traditional to Fashionable. Each and every collection is made with excellent craftsmanship and finest detailing that will surely make head turns and make you the star of every functions and parties. Looking beautiful and elegant will not cost you much as Anand India offers the finest jewellery collection at affordable prices. They not only carry a massive inventory of the latest styles and makes of jewelry, but they also guarantee each and order they process. They provide replacement if you’re not totally happy and satisfied with their products or services.

Given are the exquisite collection of jewelries Anand India has:

  • Cinderella Fashion Jewellery Collection: Get your shine on in every party with Anand India Cinderella Fashion Jewellery Collection. Discover unique necklaces and bracelets, sparkling rings and stunning earings in different colours, textures, shapes and designs goes well with Indian as well as western outfits.
  • Aabha Heavy Jewellery Collection: Anand India Aabha heavy jewelry collection a perfect collection for weddings and traditional festivals that will compliment your traditional look.
  • Blush Designer 46 Pcs. Jewellery Combo: Anand India Blush Designer 46 Pcs Jewellery Combo is a fashion jewellery with a traditional blend that suits with Indian as well as western look.
  • Grand Bollywood Earring Collection: Every woman loves to team up her look and jewelry with the best pair of earrings that will add up her style quotient. Anand India’s Grand Bollywood Earring Collection is just what can be the x factor for your look.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Spy Camera

Spy camera at first referred to the tiny James Bond style cameras that might be hidden in anyway maybe it’s in a spy camera pen, spy camera keychain, spy camera button, spy camera eyeglasses and more products. More and more people are using “spy camera” to signify hidden video surveillance.

Spy cameras and hidden cameras uses.

Here are the top ten most common uses for hidden security cameras.

  1. Protect your home and family: Home security is the most popular use. You can place a spy camera or hidden cameras near the most commonly used entrance or exit to see if anyone is sneaking into your house when you’re gone.
  2. Business security-to catch a cheating employee. Place one over or near your cash register to see who’s stealing from you.
  3. As a spy camera-to keep an eye on your nanny or the local kid babysitter to make sure that they are doing their job and not stealing and to check that your family is alone or your kid is with care taker, you can check whether your care taker is been taking care of your kid properly or not.
  4. To keep an eye on your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend-cheating in a relationship is easily caught with hidden spy cameras.
  5. For employee training-hidden cameras can easily document the good or bad aspects of a sales presentation for example.
  6. Evidence: If an officer is asking for bribe or your boss are harassing you or asking for unfair favors, spy camera come very handy in catching these culprits red handed and providing hard evidence to be presented before court.
  7. For keeping watch on your children – Hidden cameras is a perfect device to keep tab on what your child is doing when you are not around.
  8. To record important meetings and lectures –Writing notes can sometimes become hectic; we tend to miss important points. With spy cameras you can record meetings and lectures easily without missing any points.
  9. Record special moments: On a lighter note you can also record personal enjoyable moments of your life like fun at birthday’s parties etc.
  10. Capturing pictures: Some spy cameras also give you the facility to capture photos. You can capture personal moments or capture photos of someone taking bribe as photo evidence.

These are the most common uses of a hidden security camera but they have many other uses too. Buy spy camera online from ANAND INDIA and relax. We are faithful company of spy cameras in India.


Why to buy pen camera?


New high-tech spy pen camera from Anand India is as amazingly James Bond pen camera, I think you lose some spy creed when you spell it out on your pen. Camera in pen or Hidden Pen Camera is a type of spy camera. It is very small in size and can be fitted anywhere in the room or hall to record the things which are running over there. Generally, it is used to detect unauthorized activities like – theft or any criminal activities. Some of the businessmen use it to run their business smoothly.

Top 3 Reasons to Buy Spy Pen Camera

Hard Evidence:

Time to teach someone a lesson? Suspicious of your girlfriend cheating on you? Is someone using blackmail or extortion against you? Fight back! With the Mini Spy Video Recorder Pen cam you don’t have to take crap from anybody and you know that when you are right and need that hard evidence the Spy Pen has got your back.


  • Camera in pen help you to keep Evidence
  • Handy to use

Memory Boost:

How many times have you gone to a party or a social event and met dozens of people you will meet again only to not remember a single name? Once again the Spy Pen Camera comes to our rescue. Keep the pen in your outside pocket and record your entire evenings. If you meet that special someone, you can always review the video for any interesting information, such as their favorite pastime or their perfect date.


  • Record your entire evenings
  • Click whatever you want
  • Recollect your memories


What use is a spy pen that cannot be used to sign a document, write down a phone number or make a note? With the camera pen, you will never get caught out. A smooth ball-point pen and a replaceable cartridge ensure that you are always prepared. Keep their attention elsewhere whilst you record their every action.

Key Features:

  • Record without anyone’s knowledge
  • Smooth in Writing
  • Click Images while write

There we have it. The Top 3 reasons to buy Spy Pen Camera. The Spy Pen Video Recorder makes it easy to maintain that upper edge on your competition and makes it easy to impress your friends and relatives, so where is yours? Buy today from www.anandindia.in