1 Rupee Big Sale 2016


Kyunki the whole things is that ki bhaiya sabse bada rupaiya!

Sang a famous comic actor of the bygone era on screen extolling the role of money in our lives. Nothing can be truer than this. Money, of course is the whole and sole doer in our world, making things happen. Money gets us where we want to go. It creates and maintains our image. It puts us on a pedestal. It moves mountains. Shakes the earth. Brings about rains. Changes lives. Alters destiny. Yes, money. Money does all this.

However, it is the exorbitant amounts of money that we are talking about. Wads of notes. The whole bunch. Thousands, Lakhs and Crores!
When we say or hear the word money, a fat wad of cash comes to our mind, thousands of notes tied together. The crispy, new, fragrant leaves of currency. Not the cold metal. Not the silver disc. Not the jingling currency. Not the paltry coin of Rupee 1. Isn’t it?

Coins do not matter. Chillar they are called. They are kept away somewhere. In a box, in a bowl, somewhere forgotten. Deep inside the pocket of our trousers. In the forgotten area of the purse. Depths of these pockets and closed chains are accessed only when the bus conductor asks for chutta.
Or else, these coins lie almost unwanted, in a corner. But notes, they are folded neatly and kept reverently in a purse or a wallet. Or better still in an envelope.

The reason for this blatant neglect is that the Rupee 1 hardly buys us anything anymore. Infact, even beggars do not accept Re.1 as alms. The chillar is truly that- chillar. Unimportant.

It is extremely surprising that we have forgotten that boond boond se saagar bharta hai, i.e. drop by drop fills the ocean. And truly what are oceans and seas but collective droplets of water?

Why then discredit our humble noisy coin?

And that is why Anand India decides to take our, own humble Rupee 1 to great heights.

In order to do so we conceived the best sale offer – the Rupee 1 Big Sale.  To sum up in one line, the sale is a big sale at cheap rate. It could be further defined as best sale online shopping.
It comprises of Huge Clothing sale, Electronic sale, Jewellery Sale, Health & Beauty Product Sale and more.  Thus, Anand India Rupee 1 Big Sale is the best sale this week, undoubtedly.

The rupee 1 big sales, Anand India is every customer’s delight. Getting best products at the least price is like a dream come true. That is what best online shopping sale entails. And more importantly it is women’s favourite. And why will it not be? When shopping and sales are spoken in the same line, women’s joy knows no bounds. And so we have the ‘best buy online clothing’ and women are going to be very happy in buying apparels online at

Who these days give products at Rupee 1? Even the shopping sales introduced are hardly a sale and sell at exorbitant prices. The biggest brands in the garb of huge sale online rarely offer products at low prices.

However, we thoroughly believe in customer satisfaction and we believe, in taking steps that are in our means in order to benefit our customers. And thus, we introduced the Anand India Rupee 1 Big Sale! Happy Customers…Happy Us! And Happy economy! Anand hi anand.

Power to Rupee 1! Power to Re.1 Big Sale!

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